"It's difficult to underestimate how important quality equipment is in the gym. So much of fighting is about focus and any distractions can be dangerous.

That's why when I use L-1 equipment; I know I can focus on the task at hand, not worrying that the equipment will let me down."

-Vahe Sahakyan


"Much of my success comes down to the fact that I use equipment Ii can trust. Pure and simple. Knowing that the power and speed I possess transmits through

the equipment is a huge help. I know my full potential I realized through my gear."

-Niko Tsigaras


"When I enter the ring, half the battle is won because I have confidence. Much of my confidence comes from knowing that I am fully prepared and at my peak.

But I am only at my peak because my drive and energy have been matched by the equipment I use. That is the key"

-Alex Melts

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