About Us

It is our primary mission to bring the highest quality professional equipment at affordable prices to our customers.

At L-1 MMA we understand that in order for athletes to attain success-the equipment they use is paramount. It's for this reason that we have devoted a long time consulting our extensive network of kick boxers and martial arts masters to gauge their needs in training and help them reach the top. Only through a deep understanding of a fighter's needs were we able to tailor our equipment accordingly. Because of this many top fighters trust our equipment.

At the same time we realize that every athlete is different, both mentally and physically. Therefore our range of equipment caters to fighters of all shapes, sizes and abilities helping each other reach their goals. From beginner to professional, our aim is to ensure that everyone using our equipment does so in comfort and safety, resting easy in the knowledge that they are using something reliable and trustworthy and more importantly- affordable.

We strive to keep a long lasting relationship with our network of martial arts masters and have a goal to achieve the same with all our new customers on the web.